Gmail comes installed to most android devices but if not here is a link: Gmail

  1. Once you have checked that gmail is installed and updated then launch gmail.
  2.  You will be greeted with this screen.
  3. Click 'Got It' This will take you to the next screen.
  4. To add an email address click 'Add an email address'. This will take you to a selection page.
  5. Select Gmail to add your School account.
  6. Fill out your school email which might look something like this.
  7. Click next when have filled out your email.
  8. The next page will ask you to fill out your password.
  9. On the next page just click 'I Agree'. 
  10. The infomation will be checked with google services.
  11.  Then thats it you have now logged into your email. 

Existing Accounts

If you already have a gmail account on your mobile please follow the steps below.

  1. Launch gmail and click on your account in the top right.
  2. Once you have clicked that you will have a new window open, click 'Add another account' 
  3. You can then follow on from Step 4 above.

Any issues please submit a ticket at the helpdesk.