Step 1- press Crtl and home at the same time, this will make sure you are at the start of the document. Once you have done this click layout on the top ribbon



Step 2 – Click on Breaks, then in that drop down box click on continuous


Step 3 – Click file up at the top left


Step 4 – click on info then click on Protect Document






Step 5 – In the drop-down box click on restrict editing




Step 6 – This will open a pane on the right-hand side of the window, In this pane click on the check box for “Allow this type of editing in the document”. Once you have done this in the drop-down box to “filling in forms”, then click on the “select selections” option just below the drop down box

Step 7 – After that it will open a new dialog window, in this uncheck the “section 1” box and then click “ok”


Step 8 – once you have done that click on the “Yes, Start Enforcing Protection” button.


Step 9 – This will then open a new dialogue box in which you can set a password and then finally click on ok to protect the document.