Multi Factor Authentication in OnlineSCR works by sending a confirmation code to a registered email address when you attempt to login. 


To register the email to use for Multi-Factor Authentication:


  1. Login to OnlineSCR
  2. Select your account name / username from the top right menu
  3. Select 'Manage Account'
  4. Select the 'Manage Multi Factor Authentication' tab
  5. Click 'Add to my account'
  6. You will then be sent a confirmation code to the entered email, enter this code on the screen and confirm.

Logging in to SCR with Multi-Factor Enabled

  1. Enter your username and password as normal, if MFA is registered on your account you will be presented with a Multi Factor Authentication window containing a list of registered methods.  
  2. Select one from the list and then press Send Email 
  3. You will be sent a 6 digit code to the selected email address. Once you have received the code enter it into the box on the Multi Factor Authentication window and select Submit.