To login to MyConcern using Multi Factor Authentication a device must be  registered using the Microsoft Authenticator App or other suitable Authentication App. 

Once registered the app will generate a code that will be required to be entered when logging in to MyConcern.


Register a Device for Multi Factor Authentication

  1. Login to MyConcern
  2. From the Dashboard, click on your email in the top right and select 'My Acccount' from the menu
  3.  Click the 'Edit' button next to 'Two Factor Authentication'
  4. Select 'Setup a 2FA Device'
  5. Type a name to identify the device and click Continue
  6. You will then be given a QR and Security key - which you can use to register the device with MyConcern
  7. To register using Microsoft Authenticator
    1. Load up Microsoft Authenticator
    2. Click the + symbol on the top menu
    3. Select 'Other Account (Google, Facebook, etc)'
    4. Scan the QR that is displayed within MyConcern (or select 'Enter Code Manually' and enter the Secret Key from MyConcern'
    5. A verification code will be generated to enter into MyConcern.
  8. Enter the code provided by the Authenticator App and click Continue
  9. Once the device is registered you will return to the Two Factor setup screen. Click Enable
  10. Two Factor Authentication is now enabled and you will be prompted to generate a one time password in the Authenticator App and enter it. 

Generate a Multi Factor Code to login to MyConcern

Once you have Multi Factor setup and are prompted for a one time password to login, the password can be generated by the following steps

  1. Load up the Authenticator App
  2. From the list of registered MFA accounts, select 'The Safeguarding Company'
  3. A one-time password will be displayed on the screen, enter this in the relevant box in  browser that you are using to log into MyConcern.