1. To set up the camera for the walking talking mocks you should first make sure that it is connected to the machine.
  2. Once you have verified that it has been connected you can search the computer for the Camera App.
    1. To search the computer first click the windows button the keyboard 
    2. You can see where the keys are above.
    3. This will bring up the start menu, from here you can begin your search.
    4.  Search "Camera"
    5. You will see a view like this: 
    6. Launch the camera app.
  3. Next you need to make sure to turn of auto focus.
    1. To do this click the expand arrow at the top 
    2. This will bring up a menu 
    3. Click the auto focus button and this will bring up a manual focus wheel.
    4. Finally move the wheel until the the image is in focus.
    5. begin mock.